Saturday, 13 November 2010

My Latest Book

Kim Shattuck's Opinions on the Partially Deaf

For the first time in Britain comes the US bestselling smash. The outspoken singer/guitarist from leading indie rock band The Muffs lets rip on our hard-of-hearing cousins with some outrageous thoughts.

“How come they get them fancy hearing aids?” she asks. “How come we gotta shout whenever they talk to us?” she asks. “How come they never buy my records?” she asks. “How come I’ve been in a rock band for twenty years and I’m not partially deaf?” she asks. “Do partially deaf people mind if I scream in their ears?” she asks.

M.J. Nicholls, author of The Fishbowls of North America, presents a series of refreshing and frank interviews that ask important questions about those with poor hearing. The book challenges all we know about partial deafness and asks that important question: is it really a disability, or are they just moaners leeching our sympathy?

The UK edition contains a bonus chapter of PC terms for the partially deaf. Among them ‘half-ears’ and ‘whatsits.’ Order
now from Gulchy Turk Books, £19.99.


  1. Abouut bluddy time, I sayu. I'll be ordering the UK edition. Did you know that once you've started to spell it U.S. it is really hard to let go?

  2. Sorry for the delay. Kim took ages checking the proofs. I find dotted abbreviations look horrible next to commas, i.e. U.S., U.K., etc. I mean, who needs that ugliness?

  3. This post had me giggling from beginning to end which is kind of horrible of me since I am a teacher of students with disabilities.

    *hides and pre-order album secretly*

  4. *gigglesnort*

    You know we've ALL got a lot of questions about half-ears. I'm particularly interested in the ethics of pretending i AM one to avoid annoying interactions. I've found the longer you live with somebody, the less likely they are to buy the act.

  5. Chary: I of course make a full apology. (What is a half-apology, in that case? Sor? I apolo-?)

    Hart: Ha! True. I do it all the time. I said, I DO IT ALL THE TIME!

  6. Pardon? Sorry, I didn't quite catch that....

    Actually, I'm quite literally half deaf most of the time, so this was right up my alley. I'd get the problem sorted, but it super-annoys the hubby so... *shifty*