Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My Latest Book

In this award-winning exposé, Rudeness Among Jewish Realtors, award-winning novelist M.J. Nicholls uncovers the truth behind the seemingly pleasant world of realtors in a Jewish enclave of Los Angeles.

Nicholls speaks to former realtors who give a frank and honest portrayal of their obnoxious and hurtful trade. “Sometimes guys would refer to their penises as their willies,” says one witness. “That kind of talk is inappropriate in a profession that thrives on decorum and friendliness. They should know better, especially on the Sabbath.”

“They shouldn’t be working or referring to their genitalia on the Sabbath,” says another witness. “The Sabbath is a holy day, not a day for walking around using horrible slang words for the penis and going to work.” Other witnesses speak of horrible acts: drinking Pepsi when speaking to clients, applying make-up when on the phone, cursing in Yiddish, and quoting long passages of the Talmud while drawing up contracts.

Nicholls takes an unflinching look at this world of kosher horrors and architectural sloppiness. One reviewer says: “Everything you wanted to know about Jewish realtors, and everything you didn’t want to know about Jewish realtors. It’s all here. And then some. Shabbat shalom.”

Order now from Monkey Spine Press, £100


  1. You've been DVRing back episode of Million Dollar Listings on Bravo tv, haven't you. I am piqued and would totally find this an entertaining read.

  2. Jen: I would DVR if I knew how to. Does it require an abacus?

    Looney: Bless you.

  3. My real estate agent also refers to her penis as a willy. I must read this book!

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