Sunday, 14 August 2011

Edinburgh Festival Highlights 2011

From the Official Festival Website:

1. The Belgian Washboard Orchestra Perform . . . Songs From The Lion King

For the first time in the UK, and possibly the last, the popular Belgian octet perform renditions of The Lion King favourites in front of a baying audience. Watch the skilled trio perform the heartrending ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight?’ with subtle grace along the metal slats of their delicate instruments. Weep real tears as the quartet take on ‘Circle of Life’ in a truly astonishing display of virtuoso musicianship and emotional honesty, evoking adult Simba’s profound transformation into a grown lion and his defeat of the ruthless Scar. Book now to see this remarkable duo. Tickets from £2.00.

2. Fish in the Radiator

Absurdist ad-libbed comedy stylings from the popular trio. Ben, the one with messed up hair and cheekbones, is trying to bleed a kipper from his radiator, but gets distracted by Bill, the geeky one with glasses, slight beard and a perplexed expression, who speaks in hilarious non sequiturs like: ‘Are you a Greek ostrich?’ Meanwhile, Lucy, the sexy woman one, stomps around slagging off both men and making large demonstrative gestures with her arms while breaking into spontaneous bursts of opera. ‘The funniest thing to come out of Solihull since the Rover 400.’ — The Scotsman. £45.

3. Live Electricity in the Spiegeltent

For the first time in Edinburgh, the Bright Ideas Gang bring ordinary citizens light, love and laughter. For free! Ever wonder how a light bulb goes on and off and makes brightness? Ever curious about those wires running from computers, appliances, and plugs? For the first time, electricity is explained to the masses, not merely the intellectual elite. Catch these live demonstrations of the power of electricity between shows in the Spiegeltent, and prepare to be amazed! (No water pistols or sprinklers, please). FREE.

4. 45 Minutes With Theresa Gorman

Retired Tory MP brings her one-woman show to the Fringe. A dazzling display of repartee, mordant wit and setting-the-record-straight, Gorman dishes the dirt on the Major Years, her suspension from the House of Commons and why she lied about her age to become an MP. She will also be performing her balloon tricks and stacking unsold copies of her novel No Prime Minister! as a Jenga metaphor for her own career and popularity. £90. (Show might be shorter than advertised, no refunds or complains allowed).

5. And Finally . . .

Is it art? Is it irony? Is it tedious beyond belief? Experimental video artists Dare2Scare bring their new show to the Fringe. Four hours of Trevor McDonald’s famous News at Ten catchphrase compiled from over three decades of the ITV flagship news broadcast, sped up and slowed down at various moments. Whatever your opinion on the show, it’s sure to cause a great deal of controversy among the critics. ‘Like being slowly tortured on a rack of current affairs,’ — The Herald.


  1. The last line is one of the best I have read in awhile! It basically sums up American politics (I think I just vomited in my mouth a little).

  2. One day I too will be there for the maddening revelry.

  3. Hello you both. You Yanks should really see Chris Rock's Toenail Clippings. Four hours of glorious, erm... clippings.