Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Most Lucrative Pub Yet

My story, co-written with Christopher Allen (and so ‘our story’—sorry Herr A), Maggie’s Setlist, impressed the editors of Furrow Magazine so much (bursting out their khaki slacks with glee, they was!), they published our 5K-and-counting story in the twelfth issue of their undergraduate literary review, also called Furrow Magazine. Coincidence or what!? Now, here’s the problem. Furrow don’t list their magazine online to buyers. So to acquire a copy of this fine publication you have to contact their editor Corey Klinzing and ask nicely. You can do this by emailing him at furrowmag[AT]gmail[DOT]com. Now I’m not deluded enough to think any of my no readers would email an editor in order to (maybe) acquire an esoteric campus-based publication. But you should. I also need somewhere to put this pub on my wall of stories, so this post has two reasons to exist. If you happen to be a student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, you can collect a copy from the third floor of the union, office number 388.


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    1. Hey! No idea what you're talking about! You're welcome!

  2. It's an ironic idiom that mean thanks for the compliment.

    1. Sir, your ironic idiom baffles me. And what compliment?