Sunday, 19 August 2012

Man Bites Book

Proposed titles for Jonathan Coe’s new book (or, entries on this year’s Booker longlist):

The Salty Persistence of Malchester Puddleduck
The Tenuous Windmill of Alain de Loofah
The Groovy Kinesis of Bob Forthright
The Lubricious Purdah of Julian Fink
The Glottal Fortune of Zebediah Small
The Vulval Clavichord of Xerxes Ripwinkle
The Dynamic Furtwängler of Paul Starling
The Yogic Putrescence of Alison Shirtsmith
The Cocksure Bobblehat of Lydia Policy
The Dying Dingbat of Derek the Dingbat
The Fizzling Munificence of A.G.P. Archimedes
The Supernumerary Wiffle of Sir Nigel Piddlemiddle

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