Monday, 5 October 2009

Paedophile For Breakfast, Sir?

I must complain, dear sirs and madams, about the poor quality of paedophile pictures in the news media.

It seems a new child prowler is on the loose every couple of weeks, and the media are implacable when it comes to seeking out grainy, pallid old passport photos of these sex offenders to spook us senseless over our morning Cheerios.

For example, in the news yesterday, convicted paedophile Vanessa George. Now, I know this woman is a paedophile, because you informed me, Mr. News Corporation, and I reserve the right to make my own moral judgements on her in my own home. I do not appreciate seeing a scowling dead-eyed close-up of this beastly being looming out from my TV or computer at 7:30AM. What purpose does this serve other than to test my gag reflex?

No one needs to see pictures of paedophiles on the news. Seeing these dangerous lunatics doesn’t further our satisfaction at seeing them punished, nor does it help the police, having to dish out more manpower for protection if the paedophile in question is being released.

Yes, yes… I know. The media loves to demonise. The media adores manipulating the viewer with police mug-shots of paedos looking menacing and twisted, so we come to view them as the most virulent element of society. Paedophiles are gradually surpassing the humble murderer in the demon stakes. It’s frightening and unnecessary.

So, I suggest – if we must see paedophiles on our enormous digital TVs – put pictures of them looking fine. Not too pleased with themselves, but content and normal. We don’t put pictures of politicians looking deceitful if something leaks in the government, do we? Well, maybe. Anyhow... just put up a picture of a normal human face, and trust the viewer to form their own opinion, unbiased by the evil looming eyes of horror in the background.

Thank you, sirs and madams! The occum:


  1. Demonising manipulates emotions, and that is rarely performed for constructive reasons.
    It is also an extremely dangerous fiction.

    Like the insanely bad badies in movies, it can blind us to reality.

    Ah, the man next door does not laugh insanely, is neither cross-eyed nor horrendously ugly, so he must be safe and normal. Isn't that comforting.

    Mr nice may have just made a corporate decission that states "Some fatalities and the resultant compensation is far cheaper than recalling the product", but he smiles nicely, is in the golf club, loves his children and always pets my dog.

    Paedophiles, as abhorant as their behaviour may be, really picked the worst area of offence didn't they.
    Never hurt animals or children, you WILL arouse a lynch mob.
    Far better to stick to hurting adults, foriegners or stupid people that don't understand the stock market (that only indirectly hurts children doesn't it).

  2. Indeed. Paedophiles on page one, murdered Frenchmen on page twelve.

  3. What turns my stomach is that America's media has become the new vigilante. Men and women are deemed guilty long before they have a chance to prove their innocence. Ever since, Oprah found her ratings boosted after showing and confronting sex offenders, it has become a national recreation to sit and watch the boogey man come to life. On the other hand, they are now moving on to murderers and are thinking about a national registry for murderers as they have a national registry for sex offenders.