Saturday, 30 January 2010


I sit here in the throes of deadline fever: I have 48 hours to turn in a sci-fi short for a prestigious competition. This being the case, let me keep it short.

Short is an apt place to start. The Short Humour Site, who publish short humour (clue’s in the title) have brought out a compilation chapbook of their greatest moments. My short is included. It’s not cheap, but you can’t put a price on laughter. Well, you can: £4.16.

Kristin Hersh has two free downloadable albums of new material. She is a generous talent, and ever since I caught her laconic appearance at Cabaret Voltaire in May, I have been smitten. She has also trailblazed an ingenious ‘sugar daddy’ strategy to keep her actively recording and touring and is an inspiration to millions of struggling artists the globe over. This music is luscious.

Also, I’m shaking up my blog list, baby. If you’re coming to this blog following a very witty and incisive comment I made on your blog: hello there! I will assist you in your desire to dominate the world with giant squid-like flannels and inflatable concrete testicles. What do I mean? I don’t know. I have a deadline to make, I don’t have time for details!

Have a squidtastic start to February.


  1. i beat down deadlines! take that metaphor deadline! and this witty dialog next! :)

  2. Congrats on Short Humor. I will purchase in your honor, though I didn't laugh at what I read. As you know, I'm not funny, life isn't funny, and I almost used a semi-colon is this sentence.

  3. Hey! Can one buy this in a bookstore in the UK? Happy deadline. :)

  4. Hello Jessie! I've finished the first draft. Now the hard work begins.

    Hello Derek! You don't need to laugh. Or buy the collection. Or use a semicolon. Viva freedom.

    Hello Chris! Bookstore distribution will be minimal. Easier to buy online and pay the extortionate P&P costs.

  5. Good luck with the deadline and the competition! Sounds like a relatively reasonable price for humor- at least imo.

  6. Congrats on the short humour and good luck with the deadline. I am furiously working toward mine.

  7. Busy busy busy! Thanks, Wordpressers.