Sunday, 10 January 2010

PoMo Pete Wants a Mate

[Posted on Dating Site Flirt Box on 7/1/10:]

Hell-O there! Well, gosh dirt it, call me a salamander and curse my aunt Sally! How d’ye begin one-a these things???

I’m PoMo-Petey, I’m 1+1+1+20 years o’ age and I likes me postmodernism! Ho-ho! Me loves the wacko schizo funstuffs of them literary pranksters, how they holda reflection up t’the world of dusty old books and bend 'n' subvert what is possible on the INTERWEBS!

I like t’challenge the convenzional notions o’ human interactions! I wanna chance upon a wooman who hazz similar LOOPY notions of what can be achieved thru the genre-bending goodness of postmodernism!

We can read books upside down on the sofa! Eat kedgeree off the tum-tums of dogs and staple ideals to our brains! I want a woman to crack the eggs of the world with: crack ‘dem eggs, baby!

So hit me up if you like postmodern livin’ and let’s talk ideas!

[Updates to follow. Will Pete find a mate? Stay tuned.]

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