Saturday, 22 May 2010

Words That Sound Good Together That Also Sound Like Band Names

Draught waltzers. Gnomic hopscotch. Blind motor. Cooler bishop. Loquacious tea. Fortuitous amp. Balleric vamoose. Skein frump. Bumbling ork. Calligraphic zoo. Swallow buffer. Ensorcelled neep. Monotone yurt. Balustrade hemp. Flâneur tinnitus. Mephitic quim. Vermicular roo. Oafish grumps. Titular bungle. Oligarch corn. Amanuensis fricassee. Czar knickers. Heartbreak igloo. Transducer schism. Aqualung bromide. Neurotic loam. Loofah baguette. Swizzle limp. Archangel conjunct. Hauteur kink. Balloon skirt. Malleable rooftop. Jugular critic. Blew hullabaloo. Ostrich volt. Olive turnpike. Foxtrot mackintosh. Pineapple antelope. Pony sander. Groovy fixation. Elfin weir. Pillar shine. Moon biography. Cup scolded. Milk finesse. Iodine cottage. Catkin arrow. Xylophone stool. Braided blowjob. Vortex asking. Sunshine wildebeest. Jaded knee. Thirsty housemartin. Buttercup battleaxe. Mildew rosebud. Flew cuspid. Cyclone thatching. Cowbell anchor. Porridge drawbacks. Eiderdown clottage. Alpaca porn. Artery spear. Juniper aloof. Ice-cream planet. Telepathy knuckles. Buttocks majestic. Blue potato. Philippic ouch. Sorry penis.

P.S. My story Socklove is in the latest edition of colorful magazine Feathertale. I'm not sure if I mentioned that last time, but the self-promoting budgie within me feels compelled to bring it up.


  1. If I were musically inclined, I'd have a band called Gnomish Hopscotch, I swear I would.

    (congrats on the story! I will check it out!)

  2. GNOMIC Hopscotch, Tart! You starting a rival band?

    My story can only be obtained by ordering the latest edition of Feathertale, which is no bad thing as it is gorgeous.

  3. I like sorry penis and buttocks majestic myself... great band names!

  4. A curiously incredible list, I must say. Well strung.
    The last time I heard such a list, the most interesting it got was "Foot Fungus".
    This is definitely much more promising! =)

  5. Hello Wavy dash Ni. This was very much fun to compile. I urge new bands to take these names and use them. Most bands can't name for toffee.

  6. My band is named "Stalking Boxes".