Thursday, 9 September 2010

First Daze

First days always rile me. Then again, inside-out socks rile me. Dust riles me. Riling riles me.

But. This. Was. The. First. Day. Back. There were new students to meet, and I met about three of them. They were weird. I think some of them might have been (cover your ears) cool.

This year should be lower key, co-student-wise. Last year, we went through a full working shift with the gang whereas this year, we spend a mere three hours in their presence. Not much wiggle room for getting to know people, so I don’t have to fret too much about becoming one big happy family.

On an unrelated note,
this song from The Beards is absolutely awesome.

And on another, my story
Dragon, Interrupted is online at Indigo Rising Magazine.

And my other story
Fred in Duplicate is in the latest issue of Anything Anymore Anywhere. (Print mag. Costs £9).



  1. Glad first day went well. If the going gets rough, I've been asked to let you know of an alternative course being run along similar lines at the Fritzonian Institute. There are still two places as a couple of students had to drop out at the last minute.

  2. I shall enroll my treasured hamster. He will take the world of vowelly haiku by squeak.

  3. Kudos on the first day back - and the lit pub successes.

  4. Cool riles me.

    Hope it's a great year and you don't have any coersive bonding experiences. Like the Beards--I think that is the first I've heard, but I like their style.

    And CONGRATS on the stories! I will go check out the free one.

  5. Thank you, Twoyou. And the Beards rock.

  6. Say--I went and READ your story and it was FABULOUS! I love mocking your early writerly self. And just read on Christopher's blog that you and he won a contest with a combined effort, so congrats there, too!

  7. Thanks! I wish I could get around the other blogs but I working with Microshit technology!