Monday, 28 February 2011

Oh I Don’t Know

Hello! Did you know the oestrogen levels in sheep skyrocket at the onset of Spring? No, I didn’t either! Hello! Did you know the moon is three times as gravid in the sticky cloudless night? No, I didn’t either!

Hello! I am Mark. I am writer and I like to write and I am doing an MA course and it has made me get much better at writting and I am not sneering I am sincere, this course has made me get much better at writting. I hope to writ many more goodly stories soon and do a novel or full-length in the future and I hope to do that and that would be nice, because then people would look at my words and go woah, he is well good at writting is he not, yes!

Hello! New stories:
The Easily Persuaded Killer in the Ransom Anthology. This got into print because I wrote it for the Alibi contest, and after six months of no response, I decided I hadn’t won. So I sat down with a pint of hemlock and subbed the bitch to every crime publisher with a sense of humour and two months later—

Other: I wrote
Becoming a Bandit for two former comedian chumps and declined an invitation to stash the story in their archives. It sat unmolested for months until ending up in this fat collection Winter Canons.

man/woman in the This is the Way the World Ends Anthology. I’m pleased this story found a home as I used a split page narrative technique (man’s narrative on the right, woman on the left), making it capital U unpublishable. To get a story that tries something different with formatting is difficult in a climate where playful work is shunned for being gimmicky or plain ludicrous, so praise be to the anthologists for taking this one on. I humbly thank you.


(Soon all blog posts will be this good. Just you wait.)


  1. Congrats one getting your writting into these fabulous public consumption locales! Well done, you! Keep writting!

  2. Thanks Tart! Writting iz funn!

  3. Hello, fellow writting buddy! Congratulations on the pubes!