Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Symmetry of a Longing Unexpressed


Eye Two.

Eye Two Elite.

Or how about this?

How about Eye Two Turbo?

Not too masculine for you, Alan?

What do you think about that, Rita?

What would you say to . . . . Eye Two POWER?

Not too much thrusting manliness for you, eh Rita?

I don’t mean anything by that . . . nothing at all, Rita.

I’m not making “those types of comments” we discussed, no way.

Why would I want to insult you . . . or any other female executives?

They’re doing a splendiferous job, and for very little rewards, I might add.

There’s no subtext, I promise, Rita, no subtext at all, nothing but mutual respect.

A mutual respect that I extend to the whole female faculty, but especially to you . . .

Anyway, I should get to work on the design, if the name is oakie dokie?

Oh Alan, you hate every idea I have, cut me some slack, huh?

What do you think Rita, do you like the name or what?

Well, I’m glad, it’s not my greatest work, but I try.

Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say, Rita.

Well, I’ll get on that right now, thanks guys.

I’ll talk you later, Rita, about that thing.

You know, the other thing we were . . .

In my office, about half six?

Great, I’ll see you then.

I’ll be ready, definitely.

Ready and waiting.

That’s funny.



  1. Is there A LOT of subtext here, or is it just me?

  2. I'm with Chris. Seems to me maybe you're teacher's pet...

  3. Subtext is fun. We were talking about it the other day, me and Chris, after the innocent coffee on his innocent sofa. Ahem.

  4. Wow! This is like me talking to myself when I am working on an illustration. Freaky. And NO, she is NOT TOO YOUNG for him, at this age at least. Hope you are doing well.

  5. I have an innocent sofa and a not-so-innocent sofa. Which one were we on again?

  6. Jen: You have a subtextual love tryst with yourself while drawing? Amazing, you are.

    Chris: I forget in all the passion.