Sunday, 12 July 2009

Quirks of Quiddity

Welcome to this, another blog from a starving writer. In this thrill-packed blog-o-rama, I shall be posing as various fictional people, namely ‘Harold Pumiceous’ (a svelte love machine with a pseudonym strong enough to sink ocean liners) and the Russian wunderkind Mikhail Schizimerov (the experimental fiction poseur du jour).

Together, these fictional beings will storm the barriers of M.J. Nicholls’s cranium, peering into the void of this mendacious Caledonian halfwit. Hark at his occasional publishing successes! His spiteful asides on the labyrinth of online e-zines and rags! His hours spent hunched over his cheap keyboard, cranking out semi-amusing comic narratives and tangential shorts about characters loosely based on him! Oh, hark!

Remember: M.J. Nicholls loves you. If need be, he will perform energetic fellatio upon your person with great aplomb. If it gets him published, that is.

There is truth in quiddity.

1 comment:

  1. Well done, Harold/Mikhail/M.J.

    ....Let the fellatio begin.