Thursday, 27 January 2011

Checking In

No ideas for blogs or impulse to write strange things for personal amusement. No need for this post.

Don’t need to read this post. Don’t need to search words for deeper meanings or hidden subtexts. Don’t need to focus eyes on words and process each letter to form coherent message.

No need for panic. First rule of life among tetrapods is to remain calm and drink water. No need to embrace in an ever-loving hug until drought begins. No need for sadness.

New stories. First one is
misanthropic moan about futility of existence. (Not a new theme). Second is an old one about why I don’t own a TV. Third is about moving to Russia and not meeting peasants.

No need to argue. The healing ointments will arrive soon.


  1. *panics*
    *runs over to hug Mark*

    Congrats on the short stories! I will go check them out!

  2. No need to read this comment. No need to revel in my congrats for the three pubs (love that Metazen story!) . . . but please do.

  3. Tart! Tart! Chris! Chris!

    Hello lovebirds. No smooching in the back.