Friday, 16 April 2010

Four New Stories

April has been a slow month for publishing success, mainly because I've been ensconced in writing my novel, and submitting short stories to contests rather than magazines.

However, I do have four new scrumptious beasts good to go.

The first is the only children's story I've ever written (though it was meant to be sci-fi). Cooperating With Ghosts, after one or two hitches and stupidities from me, is alive at Broomstick Books.

Jeff Chon was a nice cookie and worked hard formatting my Polish head lice epic Jeden Pošetilý Povídka! at his hip lit-blog vis a tergo.

My flash of no consequence The Arcing Crystals is available for readers of Monkey Kettle, Issue #33 in the UK. I've no idea how to use their website or order anything on there. You'll have to beg the man in charge for an issue. Odd policy, I know. He's at:
Alternatively you can read it at Frostwriting.

The FINAL FINAL story in my series of experimental faff-arses is up at Piker Press. Watch Lucy save fiction from the clutches of the eternal dullards! A Modern Narrative [6] truly is the end, friendettes.

Thank you and have a merry April 16th.


  1. Salutations and've been a busy, busy boy! I like the smiling birds, btw!

  2. Congrats!! I'll let you send work to referential as an attachment :) only for you !