Monday, 12 April 2010

Tears in Ma Soup

I wrote a song for my spurned lover Alice B.V.H.J.H.K. Homplummp the other afternoon. I hope you will approve.

I purchased the rights for my own song before I wrote it:


Oh, sweet Merideth Poison,
I got tears tears tears in ma soup!

I met you on the A927 sliproad to Acton,
I thought that you loved me, you weren’t just actin’


We walked to the service station
and you showed me your ankle socks
and we had a good laugh at the bald man
with the spider tattoo on his forehead


We made love on the Tewkesbury bypass
you tickled me right on my underpass
Then, after our lovin’ we hit an impasse
and left our love squashed like a hedgehog


Then you took the night bus to Brunswick
and bid me teary adieu
And that’s when I knew
I’d never see you again, no never, no Lady Sweet, never again ever!


Refrain: Oh, Merideth, won’t you give those socks to me!


  1. *giggling*

    What an... erm... sweet tribute. So are you considering a career in songwriting, then?

  2. I think you should sing this song accompanying yourself on the Ukelele.

    Either that or get yourself a heavy metal backing group.