Sunday, 13 December 2009

Writers' Wives

I've been writing this blog for months now, and I've come to realise exactly what I'm lacking. Literary eye candy.

So, instead of book reviews and tedious ramblings, here's what you've been waiting for. Below are the sumptuously gorgeous wives of five writers I like. For the sake of balance, tomorrow I'll do a post of sexy male authors.

Yes: the intellectual substance starts here.

1. Nicole Krauss (writer: wife of Jonathan Safran Foer)

2. Amélie Nothomb (writer: wife of Dennis, erm... Nothomb)

3. Deborah Orr (columinist: wife of Will Self)

4. Vendela Vida (writer: wife of Dave Eggers)

5. Isabel Fonseca (writer: wife of Martin Amis)


  1. Erm....
    I feel desperately deprived. All these wives are in the same business as their spouse!

    Where are the writer's wives that work in the local chip shop or supermarket?

    Where are the writer's wives that state "It's all nonsense really, but as long as it keeps him happy eh?"

    Where are the airhead bimbo wives with busts large enough to give them permenent backache?

    Is it really the case that to get amongst the (g)literati high fliers we need to recruit spouses from the same ranks?
    (And, from your list, it would seem from the same ethnicity?)

    Personally, as much as I admire the writer's doing just that - me do enough "writing thinking" making me books, I wanna wife that gives me total contrast.

    Topic at tea "Do you prefer rice or noodles?"

    Intellectual debate "I caught Johnnie playing with himself, will he go blind?"

    And the perrenial "Does my arse look fat in these?"

  2. Mike: Good question. The answer is: none of them have photographs up on the internet. I cheated, too: I've no idea what Amélie Nothomb's husband does. He's maybe the fat-arsed chip-shop worker.

    As for the wives, well... do you think they discuss writing at the dinner table? I wager writing couples speak in the same banalities as everyone else (otherwise the relationships would end over an argument about a comma misplacement).

    PS: You DO go blind. Not a myth.

  3. My spouse and I talk about politics and how fat and old one thinks the other is becoming.

  4. Where is MY picture???? Huh? HuH?

  5. Chris: Is Horst a writer? If so, I can dedicate a full spread to you in the next post.

    Jen: But you're not married! Wives only!

  6. No, Horst isn't a writer. Hell, Horst can't even write his own name. Horst sends me his email to correct before he sends them. But Horst can talk. Wee-doggie can Horst talk. So, no spread for me.